Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Target Clearance!

We are MOVED!
And we have our Sunday School class to thank for it!! (and our parents)
Our friends really stepped up and helped us out TREMENDOUSLY.
We are so blessed!

Well. After we had unpacked and had dinner Jonathan, mother and I ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to get a few things we needed.

One of the things on our Target list was kitchen towels.
Well kitchen towels have gotten SO thin. How am I supposed to clean with a paper thin kitchen towel?!?
So of course I had to check out the clearance isles!
And of course I found some bath hand towels (that are thick) on clearance so I got them.
To use as kitchen towels.
Don't judge me. ;)

4 Hand Towels. $6
Clearance: $1.80
Total: $7.20

Total worth: $24
Total Spent: $7.20

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