Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where Do I Get Coupons?

A question I often get is "where do you get your coupons from?"
I am here to answer that question!

Unfortunately 90% of the coupons I use come from the Sunday paper inserts, which as we all know we have to pay for.
There are online printable coupons available, and they come in handy often but just not as often as the Qs that come in the Sunday paper.

When I first started couponing I would buy a Sunday paper (for $2 each!!) and collect the coupon inserts. I was often disappointed because our Sunday papers do not always contain all the inserts available.
So I had to find another way to get the best inserts to maximize my savings.

This became the beginning of the "eBay era". I began bidding on inserts on eBay and I would end up paying around $5 for 5 of one type of insert. After 2 months of this the prices on eBay sky rocketed and once again i needed to find somewhere else to get inserts.

I now have a lady on my coupon forum I order from who lives in Detroit, MI (they always get the good inserts) and the prices are reasonable.
I usually pay anywhere from $8-$12 for 8-15 OF EACH insert. (most of that price is the $5.40 it cost to ship them)
For example this week I paid $12 but I am getting 10 of each inserts and there were 3 different inserts from 3/4 so that's a total of 30 inserts.

I know some of you are still unsure about spending that much just for coupons but if I average it out I will spend about $500 a year in coupons. (which I know, it seems like a lot) but in 2 months I have already saved almost $900 so even with the cost of my Qs for the whole year I have still saved $400 just since January. ($900 2 months savings savings minus $500 for an entire year of coupons)

If you find yourself still not wanting to spend that much for Qs find a coupon buddy and split it! That would cut your cost in half then you only have the amount of Qs you will most likely need. Not very often do I use all the Qs I order but it is the cheapest I have found them.

I would Love to find someone to split the Qs with because as I said I rarely ever use 10 of a certain Q. So if anyone is up for it let me know! :)

remember military families can use expired Qs so send any you have to them!

If anyone is interested in ordering from the lady I use let me know and I will privately give you her info.

Happy savings!
Let me know if you have any questions!

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