Monday, March 19, 2012

Who Says You Can't Coupon In a Small Town?

So while we are at my parents house, I decide to check out their local grocery stores sale ad.
To my surprise, they had some really great sales! But since we have to haul whatever i get back to NOLA and Jonathan and I are about to move, and we don't have much space, I decided to only get what I REALLY wanted.

This week they had the small bottles of Crystal hot sauce (our favorite) on sale for 2/$1. I didn't have any Qs for this but still really good!
They also has Milk-Bone treats on sale 2/$5 and that, I DID have Qs for, they just had a very limited supply.
I had planned on using more Qs than I did to bring my total down but I since they didn't seem to know how coupons worked (surprise, surprise) I only got 2 things of treats.
I had a $1.50/2 Q AND a B2G1 free Q which it is completely legal to use both of those on 3 packages of treats, but I did not feel like dealing with the extremely rude manager so I just took my 2 packages and left. :)

2 Crystal $1
2 Milk Bone treats $5 (normally close to $4 each)
Minus 1.50/2
Total: $4.50

Not the best but still good. :)

Side note:
Walmart has a bag of the milk bone treats regularly for $2.50 (and theynare bogger than the ones i got) so I am going to try to do this deal there when I get home. (probably Wednesday)

The deal will look like this:
2 Milk Bone Snacks $2.50 each $5 total
1 Milk Bone Soft and Chewy Snack $2.98 (online price)
Minus $1.50/2
Minus FREE Soft and Chewy Snack wyb 2 snacks

Total: $3.50

There are also printable Qs for $1/1 Healthy Favorites. If your store carries these you can get them instead and your total will only be $3.

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