Friday, March 16, 2012

My Day Out Shopping

Total Worth: $96.91
Total Spent:  $35.74
66% total savings!

Since I had nothing else to do today I decided to hit up some stores and score some good deals. I went to Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart.

When I originally went to Right Aid I was looking for the Garnier face cleaning cloths. But after striking out at 3 stores it hit me that I could do the SAME deal with the face wash, so I did.
(I know a lot of people are turned off by couponing because they don't want to drive all around town looking for stuff like I did with Rite Aid, and you don't have too, I just had nothing else to do and decided to hunt the cleaning cloths down.)

Now for my transaction breakdowns!

Rite Aid:

Transaction #1:
3 Garnier Exfoliating Face Wash (on Sale for BOG1 50% off)
$6.29 each: $18.75
Minus 3 $1/1 Q
Minus $3.14 (50% one Face Wash)
Total: $12.72
Received: $10 UP Rewards
(this makes them $.91 each after UPs)

Transaction #2
K Y His & Hers: $20 [we are all adults, don't freak out.] :)
Minus $10 UP Rewards
Minus $5 Q
Total: $5
Received $5 UP Rewards
FREE after UPs!
(I was pretty bummed once I got home and realized that there was a $3/1 STORE Q in the Rite Aid Ad this week which would have brought my OOP down to only $2 making it a $3 Money Maker, but I am still satisfied)

Total Rite Aid Before Qs: $38.75
Total Rite Aid After Qs:    $17.72
Saved: $21.03. 54.3% savings!


4 Bayer Low Dose 32 Count (on Sale for BOG1 50% off)
$3.14 each: $12.76
Minus 4 $1/1 Q
Minus 2 $2/1 STORE Q
Minus 2 $1.10 (they took the 50% off the second bottle AFTER my Qs)
Total: $2.56
Saved: $10.20. 84.1% Savings!


Transaction #1
12 Slow Cooker Liners ( half of these are for my mom)
$1.96 each: $23.52
Minus 12 $1/1 Q
Total: $11.52

Transaction #2
2 Swiffer Duster Starter Kits- $2.47 each: $5.94
2 Swiffer Duster 10 pk Refill- $7.97 each: $15.94
Total BEFORE Qs: $21.88
Minus 2 $1/1 Q
Minus 2 Buy One Starter Kit Get a Refill Free (took off $15.94)
Total: $3.94

Total Walmart Before Qs: $45.40
Total Walmart After Qs:    $15.91
Saved: $29.49. 66% Savings!

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