Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CHEAP Ken's 9 oz Salad Dressing at Winn Dixie This Week!

This week Winn Dixie has Ken's salad dressing 9oz is on sale BOG1 Free
So you will be getting 2 bottles for $2.39.

There was a $1/2 coupon in last weeks paper (3/11)
making them $.70 a bottle! ($1.39 for 2)

I plan on getting 12 bottles total. (my guy treats salad dressing like chocolate syrup on ice cream)
I bought 6 bottles the last time they were on sale and I had a Q and we are almost out again!

I want to add that I plan on getting 12 bottles from MULTIPLE stores so I DO NOT shelf clear. I hate shelf clearers, I think it is rude and unnecessary.
So if anyone tries to get some dressing and they are all gone it wasn't me! :)

Let me know if you get any!

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