Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LAST DAY to Get the Florida's Living Social Deal!

Woohoo! Look what is back! Today’s Florida Living Social deal and Alabama Living Social deal is $12 for one Book of Discounts from Enjoy the City ($25.00 Value). OR – you can purchase three Enjoy the City books for $30.00! OR – you can purchase five Book of Discounts from Enjoy the City ($25.00 Value) for $40.00.

The Enjoy the City booklet has 4 $5 off $30 + Winn Dixie coupons pictured below (LOVE them), The Winn Dixie coupons I have received in the past and the ones pictured on the preview, state “One Coupon Per Purchase” but do not limit the coupons to any specific locations! Coupons for Winn Dixie expire 12/31/2012.

Here are the links:
Mobil, Al:

Birmingham, Al


I currently have 2 of these books and think they are GREAT. there are several other coupons that are not location specific but if you shop enough at Winn Dixie like I do, it may be worth it to save some on your grocery bill. (then I have friends in Florida that I mailed the other coupons to)

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