Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Target and CVS Trip! :)

Since Jonathan and I got home from my parents house earlier than planned I decided to run to CVS and Target while out to get things we needed for dinner.

I was slightly disappointed at CVS when I went to use my $3/2 Q along with my BOGO Free Q. Since it is worded "one per purchase" the manager on duty claimed that meant one per transaction. Since I hate conflict I did not argue and tell her she was in fact wrong, "one per purchase" means one coupon per Item specified. So instead of walking out with 4 free body washes, I only was able to get 2 and keep to the OOP cost I was anticipating.

CVS (the BW and some FC are going to my mom)
Transaction 1:
2 Olay Face Cleaners (originally $6.29)
$3.99 each: $7.98
1 Body Wash $6.99
Total: $14.97
Minus: $3/2 Q
Minus: Free Body Wash wyb Face cleaner
Minus: $5 ECB

Total: -$.02

Transaction 2:
1 Olay Face Cleaner (originally $6.29)
1 Olay Face Cleaner: $4.49
1 Body Wash $6.99
Total: $14.97
Minus: $3/2 Q
Minus: Free Body Wash wyb Face cleaner

Total: $5.48

Total CVS before Qs: $37.34
Total CVS after Qs: $5.48
Total CVS Saved: $31.86
And I will get $5 ECBs for spending another $50 on beauty products! :)

4 Clorox 2 Stain Remover (orinigally $2.99)
$1.75 each: $7
Minus 4 $1 Qs
Minus 1 $.55 Peelie (technically my cashier wasn't supposed to use this along with my $1 Q but she said she could so I didn't protest anymore since it made one bottle only $.20!!)

4 Milk Bone 24oz Dog Treats
$2.54 each: $10.16
2 Milk Bone 5.6oz soft and chewy treats
$3.54 each: $7.08
Minus 2 $1.50/2 Q
Minus 2 Free Soft and Chewy Treats wyb 2 dog treats (took off $7.08)

2 Minute Maid 10 pk Juice Box
$2.69 each: $5.38
Minus 2 $1/1 Q
Also Used: $5 Gift Card from previous purchase

Total Target before Qs: $38.58
Total Target after Qs and GC: :$7.99

Total Worth: $75.92
Total Spent: $13.49

I am so glad I found the Clorox 2 at Target! They still had PLENTY left, as well as the Clorox 2 stain release pen, which I plan on getting some tomorrow. :)
And now my clothes will be clean, and my doggies will be happy! :)

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