Friday, March 23, 2012

My Target & Walmart Trip:

After work today I decided to run to CVS to do the Suave deal and get the free carefree panty liners. Once I got in there I decided that I did not at all need any of the Suave items so I was just going to get the panty liners and leave. The cashier would only let me get one. So I ded, then went to Walmart, since I knew I could make $0.06 for each one I took out of the store.
Since I had some more Clorox 2 Qs printed I went ahead and stopped by Target as well. At Target I found some bath towels on Clearance, as well as some place mats so I picked them up for the new apartment! :)
Here are my transactions.

1 Carefree Panty Liner $1.49
Sale: $1
Minus $1/1 Q
Total: FREE
Saved: $1.49

5 Carefree Panty Liners
$0.94: $4.70
Minus (5) $1/1 Qs
Total: -$.30
Saved: $5

3 Clorox 2 Pen: $3.24
Sale: $1.75 each: $5.25
Minus (3) $1/1 Q
1 Clorox 2 Spray: $2.99
Sale: $1.75
Minus $1/1 Q
4 large Bath Towels: $7
Sale: $3.48 each: $13.92
2 Bath Hand Towels: $4
Sale: $2.98 each: $5.96
2 Place Mats: $2.99
Sale: $.88 each: $1.76
Total BEFORE: $54.69
Total AFTER: $20.64
Saved: $34.05

Total Worth: $60.88
Total Spent: $20.34

Side Note: I looked in the baby section and the Pamper wipes I posted about are on sale for $2.37 for a 72 pack. Match that with the printable Q makes them $1.62 each. (I'm not sure if that is a good deal or not, but I figured I'd share what I found)

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