Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting started!

Here is some great steps for beginners that I snagged from one of my personal favorite websites:

1) Set Goals. Are you looking to save money to put money towards bills? Debt? Savings? A vacation? Give yourself a goal – even if it is as small as having more money to cover your electric bill each month. As you save more and more money and you accomplish your set goals, you will feel such a sense of empowerment!

2) Start small. If you want to start saving money on your grocery and drugstore bills, I highly recommend that you pick one store. Learn that store’s policies and get familiar with the couponing process at that store. Once you master that store, add more stores. When I started I tried to take advantage of each and every deal available and when you do that, you will get overwhelmed and you may burn out.

3) Saving money should be a lifestyle. Couponing should not be a short-term fad where you save money for a couple of months and then go back to paying full price. When you make saving money saving money a lifelong process, you will reap the most benefits.

4) Have fun! Get excited when you score a really good deal. There was a deal where I was able to get feta cheese for free. I was already an “experienced” couponer but I can not tell you how happy that deal made me! Enjoy yourself as you learn that you really can get more for each dollar you spend!

5) Try new products. The more “non-negotiables” you have in your life, the more you will spend each week. For me, I’m a Heinz Ketchup girl. I don’t want any other brands of ketchup. So, I risk having to pay close to full price on ketchup if my stockpile runs low. I am pretty flexible on pretty much everything else I consume or use. Be willing to branch out and try new products. You will not only discover new brands and products that you enjoy, but you will be able to save more money as you take advantage of deals.

6) Follow the rules. I have provided you with extensive information on coupon policies and verbiage. Understand couponing ethics and don’t steer from them.

7) Get your family involved. If you shop with small children, make it a game for them to find blinkie coupons. Or give them the task of finding certain items that are on your grocery list. They will feel a sense of purpose and will begin to understand the importance of couponing at a young age!

One again, these are not my own but Liza from originally posted these.

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