Sunday, March 25, 2012

My After Dinner Stop at CVS

After Jonathan and I finished dinner at PF Changs I promised to drive home if I could stop at CVS. (of course Jonathan would have stopped whether I drove or not but I know he hates driving)

I was so excited to find that they had the Maybeline Baby Lips!

3 Baby Lips
$3.99 each: $11.97
Minus (3) $2/1 Q
Minus $2 ECB (from Colgate deal)

Total: $3.97
Received: $3 ECBs

As we were waiting to check out we were looking at the clearance table and Jonathan spotted the Yoshi Blade knife. He has been wanting one but there was NO way we were going to pay $20 for a knife.
So when he saw it for only $5 he jumped on it!
So we got that too. And still saved $15 on it!
Jonathan asked if I was going to use my ECBs that I got from the lip gloss on his knife.
Obviously I said no since it would mess up my cough drop deal when my Qs come in. Haha :)

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