Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Super Small Completely FREE CVS Trip

I needed a break!!! Jonathan and I started packing today and after the bathroom, kitchen, and living room was all packed up I decided I was done for the day.
So I went to CVS!

Let me start by saying that i had planned on getting 3 Maybeline BabyLips gloss instead of the 3 Softsoap body washes I had originally planned on getting.
After packing our bathroom I realized I have enough body wash for now, especially since they seem to ALWAYS be on sale. And lip gloss makes for wonderful gifts for all the little ladies in my life!

That being said, I got to CVS only to be disappointed that someone had already gotten ALL of the Babylips!! (I hate shelf clearers. Today was the FIRST day of the sale and they were all gone)
So I was only able to do the first part of my planned trip. I will check out another CVS tomorrow after I go running and try to get the Babylips. Then once my Qs come in the mail (from this week) I will run and get the cough drops I want to get!
Still making my total weeks out of pocket cost less than $5!

Transaction #1
4 Milky Way bunnies 2/$1
Minus 2 $1/2
Total: FREE
Received: $2 ECBs

Transaction #2
Colgate 360 Toothbrush $5.49
Sale: $2.99
Minus $1 Q
Minus $2 ECBs from #1

Total: FREE
Received: $2 ECBs

Transaction #3
Minus $2 ECBs from #2
Total: FREE
Received: $2 ECBs

Worth: $14.46
(tax only, which was around $0.30)

And I have $2 ECBs to keep rolling!
So it's like I was paid $2 for all of this!

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