Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Target Trip!

It's been almost a week since I've posted anything!
I have been spending ALL of my free time reading! I LOVE when I find great books to read that just suck me in, but unfortunately when this happens I often neglect other responsibilities. :-/
I blame my mother. If she hadn't of had that book just sitting on her end table I wouldn't have picked it up and read it.
In 2 days.
Then another in a Day and a half
Then another in 1 day.
I feel almost silly due how much I am enjoying these books.
Nicholas Sparks books are full of cliches and are predictable.
But there is just something about a story of a man and a woman falling in love that I just cant shy away from.
It's that romance that is only found in books that keeps drawing me in.
I can't help it.

But today I finally made another trip to Target to get some of the things posted about last time.
Since our bathroom is 50% tile I was excited to pick up some of the Method cleaners that were on sale!

I did 2 transactions since I wasn't 100% sure that all of my coupons for the Glade Expressions would go through, and it is a lot easier to just void the whole transaction instead of removing only half of it.
To my surprise, not only did they work but the FREE refill Q automatically took off $3.99 when the price was only $2.99!! That means it took off $4 more than I had expected! Woohoo! :)

Transaction 1:
4 Glade Expressions Starter Kit:
$3.99 each $15.98
Minus (4) $1/1 Target Q
Minus (4) $1.50/1 Man. Q

4 Glade Expressions Refill
$2.99 each- $11.96
Minus (4) FREE wyb Starter Q
Transaction Total Before Qs: $27.94
Transaction Total After Qs: $1.96

Transaction 2:
4 Glade Air Fresheners
$.99 each - $3.96
Minus (4) $1/1 Target Q
4 Method Cleaning Products $2.99 -$11.96
Price Cut: $2.69
Minus (4) $1/1 Target Q

4 GE Lightbulb 4-pk $2.39- $9.56
Price Cut: $1.89
Minus (4) $2/1 Target Q

Transaction Total Before Qs: $25.48
Transaction Total After Qs: $6.32

Total Before Qs: $53.42
Total After Qs: $8.28
Total Savings: $45.14!!!

I am super happy!
But....if Jonathan knew I got MORE lightbulbs he will shoot me,
but I was getting PAID $.11 for each pack!
I couldn't pass them up.
So if anyone needs any lightbulbs, LET ME KNOW!!! :)

Also, I have PLENTY of the $1.50/1 glade Q from this past sundays paper, so if anyone would like any let me know.
All the rest of the Qs I used today were printables.
So go print yours now!!

There are also other $1 Qs out for the Method cleaner which you can stack with the Target Q but I couldnt find them. :(
Oh well...


  1. I would LOVE some glade coupons. My boys go thru spray like water :-)

  2. I would LOVE some glade coupons. My boys go thru spray like water :-)

  3. how did you get so many coupons for Method??? I was only able to print two and that was it!

  4. I have 2 computers so I was able to print off 4. :)

    Ellen, I can send you 5. Is that okay? I'll email you tomorrow.

  5. if you still have glad q i would like to have some