Friday, April 6, 2012

My 4/6 Target Trip!

Since I didn't have work today I decided to run to the Target in Kenner to see if they still had the scrubbing bubbles on sale. And they did!! So I got 6 cans!
Now that our bathroom is half tile I will be using a lot more of it! And it works AMAZING on carpet for any doggie accidents!
I also got some glade refills, some glass cups, and some plastic wall hooks.

I spent more than I planned on, but I have been so impressed with my glade plugins that I just had to stock up on them. :)

Set of 4 Glasses: $20.49
Clearance: $6.14
1 Command Plastic Hook: $5.69
Clearance: $1.70
6 Scrubbing Bubbles: $3.49 each: $20.94
Sale: 2/$5: $15
Minus (3) $2/2 Q

7 Glade Plugins Refill Twin Pack: $4.99 each: $34.93
Sale: $4.50 each: $31.50
Minus (7) $1.50/1

Total before Sales and Qs: $82.05
Total after Qs: $37.14

Like I said: more than I usually like spending but the 2 things that cost the most are the 2 things that we use ALL THE TIME. So for me, it was well worth getting them while they were on sale!

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