Friday, April 6, 2012

My Great Walgreens Clearance Find!

After hearing about some good clearance finds at Walgreens I decided to check out the Walgreens in front of my apartment to see of they had any good clearance items. And they did!! I was so happy!
My happiness was quickly squashed by the rude lady that tried to push me out of the way to add the last 6 packs of soap to her FULL cart of clearance items (she had the 10 other packs of soap that used to be on the shelf) She looked at me with the item I was about to pick up and said, "oh, we're you going to get that" I kindly said yes ma'am and she went on her way.
Anyway. I didn't let that bother me because I was just super thankful to be able to get the 6 I got.

6 Olay Moisturizing Bar Soap 2 pk. $4.99 each: $29.94
Clearance: $1.24 each: $7.44
Minus (6) $1/1 Q

Total: $1.44
That's $.24 for each 2 Pk! :)

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