Monday, April 16, 2012

UPDATE!! FREE Hand Held Food Saver at Target!!!

I has been reported that Target has removed their store coupon for this product.

Remember last week when I posted about the $9.44 Food Saver that I got at Walmart?!?!? (pictured above)
Well let's just say I am SO glad that I haven't opened it and still have my receipt because I am taking it back!!!!
To get a FREE one at Target!

Head over to to print out a STORE coupon for $10/1 Food Saver appliance and stack that with the Manufacturer Q I posted about last week for $10/1 Food Saver.

It will go like this:

Food Saver: $19.99
Minus $10/1 Target Q
Minus $10/1 MQ

Total: FREE

I went to the Target on Clearview today and they were OUT but an extremely kind associate scanned the tag and told me that there is none in the NOLA area!
But he said they should be getting some in soon.
And the Qs don't expore for another month.
I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for them!

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