Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Stockpile.

I have had several people ask me to post pictures of my stockpile.
I have been rather hesitant due to some criticism I got on my stockpile and couponing before I started blogging but I have decided that if pictures of my stockpile can motivate someone to save more money, then who cares what the Negative Nancy's have to say.
They are just mad because they pay full price for things us couponers get for pennies! ;)

A bit of encouragement: all of this except the 8 bottles of shampoo (which I got at the end of Dec) were purchased since January!
You CAN do it too! :)

My stockpile plus the 8 things of laundry detergent and 5 bottles of stain fighter I have by the washer is worth about $1740 and I have spent about $390.

Let me be clear on one thing. I only buy things that I KNOW we will use.
If I can get things that I know we use for a fraction of the cost, I am going to stock up on it.
I would rather pay $.50 for a bottle of soap now, instead of paying $4 or more when I need it.

And currently (unless it is free or a MM) I am only on the lookout for good toothpaste deals. Or medicine deals, anytime I can find medicine on sale I jump on it!

So please, unless you have encouraging words, keep them to yourself.
I also donate some of what I get.

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