Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Last Trip to Walgreens This Week!

Okay, so maybe it isn't the best thing for me to have finally figured out how to score awesome deals at Walgreens since we live walking distance from one.
But while Jonathan was setting up his bullet press I had to do something, right?
And that $9 RR from Sunday was burning a hole in my pocket!
And I have come to LOVE Dove hair care, and have been in need of some good stylers, so I got some more.

Unfortunately my trip was cut extremely short when my $5 RR failed to print after my FIRST transaction! And I wasn't actually going up spend money on the things I had planned to get! ;) so I just came home and emailed the Catalina company and my missing $5 RR should arrive within the next couple of weeks!

But I figured that was Wags way of telling me I really didn't need any more allergy nasal spray! ;)
And now I have LOTS of shampoo to donate! I love being able to donate, but I like to wait until I have a significant amount of stuff to bring when I go! :)

Even though i didn't have any RRs to roll, I still couldn't pass up getting some $.49 bottles of dish soap! So I went ahead and forked out the cash for it. But we have ZERO dish soap so I figured, why not. :)

Here it is:

Transaction 1
2 Dove Hairspray $4.99
1 Dove Volume Mouse $4.99
1 Dove shampoo $4.99
Sale: 4/$15
Minus (2) $2/1 Q
Minus $1/1 Q
Minus $9 RR from Sunday

Total: $1

Transaction 2
8 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish-soap: $1.99- $15.92
Sale: $.99 each- $7.92
Minus (4) $1/2 Q

Total: $3.92

Total before Sales & Qs: $35.88
Total after Sales & Qs: $4.92
(and I'll still be getting $5 RR back, I just have to wait for it to come in the mail)
Making this an $.08 MM! ;)

Now, unless I hear of a super awesome clearance find, I am not stepping foot into Walgreens until next week.

So my weeks total:
Before Sales & Qs: $153.80
After Sales & Qs: $18.85
(with $5 RR on its way)

Even without the $5 RR that I'm getting I saved $134.95 this week!!!

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