Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My $5 Walmart Trip.

Let me start by saying that not many coupons were actually used during this trip, but I still had an OOP of only $5!

So as Jonathan and I were unpacking we realized we had several unopened things from Walmart that we have been meaning to take back. So while we were there getting things for dinner tonight (we cook together every Tuesday night) we decided to finally return those items. We honestly had no idea how much they originally cost, but that wasn't the reason we were returning them so it didn't matter anyway.
We ended up getting $54 for the 3 items we returned!

After coupons (for the Gold Peak tea and Sargento cheese) and tax our total was $58.97
Minus $54 GC
Total spent was $4.97.

And our trip included things for dinner for the rest of the week and some things we needed for the apartment!

BONUS: I found a really cute Better Homes and Gardens window curtain on clearance for only $3!!! I was so excited! :)

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