Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Allegra Money Maker Walmart Trip!

I posted last week about the Allegra MM deal at Walmart with the $7/1 Q from this past weeks paper I was so glad I was able to score some!

So I'm sure you can only imagine how excited I was when my coupons arrived today in the mail! I made sure to leave in PLENTY of time to deal with the inevitable long check out process and. It be late for church.

I'm not sure if our local papers came with this Q because the shelves were STOCKED! And that never happens when an item is free or a money maker. But I'm surely not complaining!!

I grabbed my 10 boxes of Allegra 5 ct and a bottle of flea and tick shampoo for my doggies (ugh, it's that time again) and headed to check out.
My transaction:

10 boxes Allegra 5ct
$5.94 each: $59.40
Minus (9) $7/1 Q (the cashier missed a Q and I didn't realize until I left)
1 Flea and Tick Shampoo: $4.48
Total before Qs: $63.88
Total after Qs: $.88

I ended up getting paid $3.60 for the Allegra.
I used that to buy the dog shampoo.

If the cashier had scanned all coupons I would have ended up making $10.60!
I wish I would have caught the mistake in the store but I had already held up the line enough and I still managed to get all the boxes of Allegra for FREE and only paid $.88 for the dog shampoo! :)

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