Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet Corn Mac 'N' Cheese Review

This past Thursday night I made a recipe that I had originally seen on The Next Food Network Star by one of the finalist Yvan.

It was a super easy and CHEAP and looked delicious so I just had to make it!

Check out the recipe HERE!!!

Disclaimer: I am NO chef, I'm just all about saving money and when I came across this recipe and realized how cheap it could be to make, I just had to share!

The basic ingredients for this meal are:
16 oz of creamed corn (I used a little more)
2 cups elbow macaroni
TONS of cheese.

That last ingredient is what had me a bit worries that this meal wouldn't be as cheap as I had originally thought.
Shredded cheese can get pricey and I really wanted to keep this meal as close to $5 as I possibly could.

So I decided to make it "Semi-Homemeade" by using a package of Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese instead of buying the noodles and cheese separately.
This cut cost significantly since a package of the Mac and Cheese is roughly $2!!
(I also added some shredded cheese that I already had, but only enough to texturize the meal!

The other ingredients in this recipe are:
Onion powder
Hot sauce (optional)

All of which you most likely already have in your pantry! (which SIGNIFICANTLY lowers the cost of this meal for you!)

For me, the cost for this meal was:

2 cans Cream of Corn: $.62 each
Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese Homestyle: $.55
(I have like 7 of these in my stockpile from when I caught an awesome sale!)

Making my OOP for this meal: $1.79
(not counting the ingredients that I already had in my pantry)

You can't beat that!!!

And this is a great base meal that will only get better with additions like chicken or bacon to make it more hearty! :)

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