Friday, July 13, 2012

My Homemade NO SEW Reusable T-Shirt Grocery Bags!

As I was browsing pinterest I came across THIS AWESOME article on 10 NO SEW projects to do with old T-Shirts!
One of them was this bag that I decided to make!
It's super duper easy, and if I had a pair of scissors that actually worked I am convinced that it would have been even easier! (and my lines would have been straighter!)

I would give all the awesome instructions but I would just be regurgitating THIS tutorial. So I'll just send yu there instead. :)

I made 3 for starters. Mainly because I actually use all of my T-Shirts. But once Jonathan gets home I'm going to have him go through his shirts and hopefully I'll have some more bags to make!

These are great to use as reusable grocery bags or just an everyday tote.

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