Saturday, July 7, 2012

My CVS Trip!

Father the HUGE shampoo/conditioner clearance CVS had in December I vowed that I would not buy anymore shampoo. Ever.
Well...DH will only use Head and Shoulders and after reading an article in a magazine about how to tame frizzy hair, I just had to get some sulfate free Aveeno. (we shall see if it helps at all)

Besides my $4.50 ECB I had to use, I also had a $4/$20 Q that expired today!
Well lucky me, my CVS had some head and shoulders on clearance!
Since I only had one of the BOGO Qs from the P&G I decided to use it on the regular price shampoo. (so I could carry on with my original plan)

My total was still WAY less than I had planned and after looking at my receipt I realized that the H&S Q took off $9.49 even though it only cost $5.99

So here is what I did. I'm sure I could have arranged it better, but I was just ready to get home:

Transaction 1:
2 Head and Shoulders: $5.99: $11.98
Aveeno Shampoo: $7.50
Smart food: $1.09 (I needed something to bring my total to $20)
Minus Head and Shoulders BOGO Q ($9.49)
Minus $4.50 ECB
Minus $4/$20 CVS Q

Total: $2.57

Transaction 2:
2 Head and Shoulders $5.99
Clearance: $2.99
Total: $5.98

Total Worth: $32.55
Total Spent: $8.55

And I reached another $50 for the Beauty Club so I will be getting $5 ECB for my next trip!
It's like getting it all for only $3.55.

I am definitely satisfied! :)

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