Monday, July 9, 2012

Late Night Make-Up Target Trip! Saved $104.59!!

So while out on Date Night I stopped by Target to see if I could find some of the Covergirl eyeshadow.
And I found the jackpot in cosmetics! A LOT of L'Oreal Paris items were on clearance so I decided to hold off on getting the Covergirl until I could come back with my stack of $2/1 L'Oreal Paris Qs to go with all of the awesome clearance deals!

(Jonathan had to pick something up as well, I wasn't crashing our date night for couponing, I promise)

I ended up getting at least 1 of each of the clearanced items.

3 Visible Lift Foundation: $14.99 each- $44.97
Clearance: $4.49
Minus (3) $2/1 Q

$2.48 each- $7.44

2 Onesweep Sculpting Blush Duo: $13.09 each- $26.18
Clearance: $3.92
Minus (2) $2/1 Q

$1.92 each- $3.84

1 True Match Naturale Concealer: $9.99
Clearance: $2.98
Minus $2/1 Q


4 Lip Liner: $7.84 each- $31.36
Clearance: $2.35
Minus (4) $2/1 Q

$.38 each- $1.52

2 Covergirl eyeshadow: $3.14 each- $6.28
Minus $2/2 TQ
Minus $3/2 MQ

$.64 each- $1.28

Minus $.75 from RED card

Total Worth: $118.78
Total Spent: $ 14.19

And I got another $3/$10 beauty purchase TQ! I'm gonna use it when my Aveeno Qs come in and I stock up on my Sulfate free shampoo! :)

I know I'm only one women, but the great thing about these....long shelf life!
I just couldn't pass up saving $104.59!!!!

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