Wednesday, July 11, 2012

24 Bottles of Head and Shoulders FREE! :)

I Was so excited to finally get a chance to go to CVS and try the Head and Shoulders deal!

So here is the deal going on now at CVS:

Head and Shoulders is Buy One Get One 50% off.
There is a Q from 7/1 P&G that is BOGO FREE up to $9.49 and when it scans it automatically takes off $9.49 regardless of how much you are actually paying for it. SO COOL!
(heads up: some CVS stores have caught on to the glitch and will just type in the price of the free item instead of scanning the Q)

So If you buy 2 H&S you will get one for $5.99 and the second will ring up for $2.99.
Making your total $8.98
Minus $9.49 BOGO Q
Makes it a $.51 Money Maker for every 2 bottles of shampoo you buy!

Since i wasnt sure if the store i went to had caught on to the coupon glitch I first went in with only 1 Q just to see how it would play out.
Yay! it worked and I got 2 bottles for FREE!
So I ran out to my car and grabbed my other 11 Qs and headed back in!

My transactions looked like this: I had to do 4 transactions per the coupons rules:

8 H&S: $5.99 each: $47.92
Minus $12 (50% off of 4)
Minus $37.96 (4 BOGO Qs @ $9.49 each)

Total: FREE! (technically a $2.04 MM but it counted toward the tax)

I ended up with 24 bottles of H&S with only paying tax! ($3)
I was SOOO excited!
Jonathan uses this shampoo-it's all he uses-and it can get pricey!
Glad I won't have to buy him any for a WHILE!

Total Worth: $149.88
Total Spent: NOTHING!

AND! I will be getting $15 in ECBs! $5 for every $50 spent on beauty items!
Score! :)

I also stopped by Target and got 2 Pantene Hair stylers. (only one is pictured) FOR FREE!

2 Pantene Stylers: $3.36 each- $6.72
Minus (2) $2/1 Target Peelie
Minus $3/2 MQ

Total: FREE plus $.28 MM.

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