Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Walgreens Trip!

Even though I feel like death and dope up on cold meds I still managed to make a trip to Walgreens!
Now I must admit I did not come up with this trip on my own I used the amazing and her wonderful Walgreen's Weekly Scenario.
Every week she does scenarios for Wags and CVS and tries to keep the OOP cost around $5!
It's a GREAT way to start couponing and learn how the drug stores work. That's how I began to "master the drug stores"!

Transaction 1:
2 Carmex Pamegranate: $1.69 each: $3.38
Sale: 2/$3
Minus $3 RR from last week

Total: FREE!
Received: $2 RR

Transaction 2:
Hair Bands: $1.50 (filler)
Clearance: $.49
Infusium Shampoo: $6.99
Sale: $4.99
Minus $1 Q
Minus: $2 RR from #1

Total: $2.48
Received: $3 RR

Transaction 3:
Jello: $2 (filler)
Clearance: $.74
Colgate Optic White: $4.49
Sale: $3.99
Minus $1/1 Q
Minus $3 RR

Total: $.73
Received: $1 RR

And I paid for everything with a $10 pre-paid card that P&G sent me FOR FREE! So I ended up spending none of my money.

Total Worth: $18.36
Total Spent (on pre-paid card): $3.21.
And I have $1 RR for next week!

I saved 87% today!

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