Sunday, September 23, 2012

FREE Razors and Cough Drops. My CVS & Rite Aid Trip!

I wasn't planning on making a shopping trip today but then I remembered that I had $8 ECBs that will expire TOMORROW.
So I decided to check out the weekly ad and make a trip.
Since I was going out anyway I went ahead and looked at the ads for Walgreens and Rite Aid. That's when I found a good deal on Cough Drops, so I decided to stock up. :)


2 Venus Razor: $6.99 each: $13.98
Minus (2) $4/1 Q ($8)

2 Mach 3 Razor: $10.99 each: $21.98
Minus FREE wyb Gillette Razor ($23.98)

ThermaCare: $3.99
Sale: $3.79

Minus $8 ECB

Total Before: $39.95
Total After: FREE!
Received: $10 ECB for Venus & $3.79 ECB for ThermaCare. $13.79 total!
That is a $13.79 moneymaker!

And I still have $12 ECB from last week so I now have $25.79 in ECBs to use! Woohoo!

Rite Aid:

6 Halls 30 ct. $1.99 each: $11.94
Sale: 2/$3: $9
Minus (3) $1/2 Q
Minus $6 +UP

Total: FREE.
Received: $2+UPs

Total Trip Worth: $51.89
Total Trip Spent: NOTHING!
Total Received: $15.79

So now we REALLY have enough razors, but why would I pass up FREE plus Money BACK razors?!?!?

I will still be on the lookout for good cough drop deals. You can never have too many cough drops during cold/flu season! :)

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