Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dinner on a Dime: Chicken Pot Pie.

Tonight's dinner on a dime was a Second Chance meal that came from Tuesday's "Rotisserie Style" Crockpot Chicken!

Originally I had planned to make my own pie crust instead of buying one from the store.
But after returning home from school, I wanted something that was SUPER DUPER easy, not just easy. ;)
So I ran by the store and picked up a pie crist for $1 and went ahead and grabbed a tub of Philadelphia Cooking Creme (savory garlic) to use as the binding agent instead of making one out of cream of chicken soup. (super duper easy, remember?)

So here is what I used:

Leftover chicken (1 lb, shredded)
Philadelphia cooking Creme
Bag frozen mixed Veggies (steam bag)
Pie crust.

What I did:

Steam veggies in microwave
Combine Chicken, veggies, and cooking Creme (I ended up adding half a can of cream of chicken soup because I added a bit too much chicken.)
Add to 9 inch pie pan
Cover with pie crust and make 3 slits in the middle
Bake in a 400 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.
Then enjoy!

(if you are using raw chicken obviously you will need to cook it before adding veggies/Creme)

My cost:
Pie crust: $1
Cooking Creme: $2.98

For $4 I was able to make a whole different meal from leftovers! And it yielded leftovers!!!
I know what we will be having for dinner Saturday! :)
And we still have enough chicken to have tomorrow with some homemade mashed potatoes (we already have the potatoes) and the gravy from the crockpot chicken!

This brings my weeks total to $10.49....for FOUR meals! (pot pie leftovers are included)
WOW!! Can't beat that! :)

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