Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My FREE CVS trip!

Jonathan and I just returned from vacation today and after going a week and a half without couponing, I was having some serious withdrawals. ;)

And lucky for me when I checked our mailbox I had several surprises!

While I was away I had received my $3 RR from the Catalina company, my $15 from P&G, AND a CVS flyer with 7 FREE coupons!

The CVS flyer was advertising a new store opening!
One of the Qs it came with was a FREE $5 gift card for meeting the pharmacist!!
And it also came with $5/$15 Q!
I was so happy and decided to make a quick trip! :)

First I went to the Pharmacy to receive my free $5 gift card then started my 'shopping'
Here is what I got:

Bayer Advanced: $4.49
Palmolive: $1.99
CVS CoCo Lotion: $2.19
2 ltr Coke Zero: $1.77
2- Peanut Butter Snickers: $1.19
Sale: $75 each
Minus Free Bayer CVS Q
Minus Free Palmolive CVS Q
Minus Free Coke CVS Q
Minus Free (up to $3) any CVS Pharmacy brand item

Total: $.69
Received: $.75 ECB for the snickers.

I had to buy the snickers because the CVS brand Q took off $3 even though my item was only $2.19 and the cashier didn't know how to adjust it down. :)

Total worth: $12.82
Total Spent: $.69
With $.75 back in ECBs!
And a $5 gift card!

I'm very satisfied!! :)

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