Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Walgreens Trip! More Great Clearance Finds! :)

On my way to church I decided to pop into Wags to see if they happened to have anymore of the Banana Boat Sunscreen on clearance.
I couldn't remember if they had anymore or not.

And they did!
I didn't see them at first, they were hidden behind all the Beggin' Strips!
Someone had reminded me that there was a Q in the 4/22 SS so I brought those with me and ended up getting 2 more spray cans for only $3.75!!!
Kinda bummed I didn't realize I had a Q yesterday but still a great deal!

Also, they had the 6 oz bags of Purina Beggin' Strips on clearance for $1.19!
And there is a $1/2 Q in the 3/25 RP!
Making them $.69 each!

Here is how it went:

Transaction 1:
2 Banana Boat Kids- $10.49
Clearance: $5.75
Minus (2) $1/1 Q

Total: $3.75
Making them only $1.88 each!

Transaction 2:
6- Purina Beggin Strips- $3
Clearance: $1.19 each: $7.14
Minus (3) $1/2 Q

Total: $4.14
Making them $.69 each!!

Total Worth: $38.98
Total Spent: $7.89

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