Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mail Call! Back from Vacation With Lots of Goodies in the Mailbox!

Whew! Jonathan and I are finally home from vacation and we had a STUFFED mailbox!
In our full mailbox were 2 envelopes that I have been waiting for!
One had my $3 RR from Walgreens that didn't print a couple of weeks ago, and the other was from P&G with a $15 prepaid MasterCard! (from a promotion a while back, spend $50 get a $15 card)
I was super excited about the $15 card since I paid NOTHING on the items that counted toward the $15!

Also in the mail was a flyer for CVS advertising their new location, and it came with TONS of coupons for FREE items as well as a $5 off $15 purchase and a coupon for a FREE $5 gift card if I met the pharmacist!
How cool is that!?!?

Well now that we are back I am excited to check out this weeks sale papers and hopefully get in on some great deals!!

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