Monday, May 14, 2012

My Walmart Money Maker Trip! :)

I happened to be at Walmart this morning and noticed that they had some of the $1 bags of Beneful and I remembered that there was a $2/1 Q from a couple of weeks ago that had NO size or variety restrictions so I totally bailed on Jenny Bouler and our VBS craft shopping to run to my car and get my Qs! It's a $1 Money Maker! How could I not!?!? ;)
I had 10 Qs and got 11 bags.
The cashier kind of freaked out when she saw my total dip into the negatives (she had never seen it before) and forgot to scan my last Q before asking the manager about it.
The CSM told her it was okay and cashed me out. So I should have received $2 more back than I did, but I'm not complaining.
I LOVE having Walmart hand me money at the end of my transaction instead of me handing them money! :)

Poster Board: $.97
Bolthouse Farms Protein drink: $2.58
11 Beneful Dog Food: $1
Minus (9) $2/1 Q ($18)
Total before Qs: $15.69
Total after Qs: -2.31

I was so glad I remembered this Q when I saw the bags of food hanging on the end of the isles.
My doggies were getting kind of low on food! :)

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