Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today's Target Trip!

So last week when I went into Target I noticed they had some Halls Vitamin C drops on clearance but I never thought twice about it.
When I stopped in today to pick up what I needed to make cupcakes I saw they were still there.
So I checked the coupon database and saw that there was a coupon out for Halls.
So I picked some up.
18 packs. :)

18 Halls Drops $1.39- $25.02
Clearance: $.68- $12.24
Minus (9) $1/2 Qs

Total: $3.24

We love these!
They are great to take when you feel like a cold is coming on!
So glad I was able to pick some up!
And there were still some bags left! :)

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