Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Winn Dixie Trip!

Let me start by saying that it has been FOREVER since I have shopped at Winn Dixie, but I'm glad I decided to look at the list of sales today! (especially since today is the last day for them)
As you can see, I did not get any actual grocery items but I am still happy with my trip!

8 Playtex Gentle Guide $4.79
On sale: BOG1 FREE
Minus (8) $1/1 Q

4 Crystal Light Drink Mix $3.99
Minus (2) $1/2 Q

Coffee Mate Creamer $2.50
Minus FREE (up to $3.99) Q
Even though it only cost $2.50 the Q still took off 3.99.

Total before Qs and Sales: $56.78
Total after Qs and Sales: $18

I was super excited about the tampon sale.
After the BOG1 Free sale and my $1/1 Q it made them only $1.40 a box!!!!
And I got $.20 off per gallon of gas at Shell just from the tampons alone!
I will also be able to submit the UPCs in and receive 4 make-up bags valued at $45 each!
How awesome is that!?!?!?

After I left I realized that I completely forgot to bring one of my $5/$30 purchase Winn Dixie Qs that I got from the Orlando Enjoy the City book.
But oh we'll. I am still happy with my savings!! :)
There's always next time!

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