Monday, May 7, 2012

Today's Target Trip! Loving These $5 Gift Card Sales and $3 Ladies Shirts!!!

Okay, before I go into today's trip details there are 2 things:

1) Target caught on to the great deals everyone was getting on the Nivea Gift Card sale and the $.87 travel tins no longer count toward the $5 GC. BUMMER!
But... There is still a good deal to be got! ;)
Here is how it will work:

3- 13.5 oz Nivea Lotion
Sale- $4.22 each: $12.66
Minus (3) $2/1 Q

Total: $6.66
Receive: $5 GC
It's like paying $1.66 for all 3 bottles of lotion! Still a good deal! :)

2) The items I got on sale today and will be blogging about is Sobe Water.
If you have been following the boycott of Pepsi-Co then you know that Sobe is part of Pepsi-Co.
Since Pepsi-Co has officially ended their partnership with Synomyx I have no convictions about buying their products now.
(More on that here)
But some people are still boycotting them because they support Planned Parenthood.
If you are one of these people I respect your convictions but please respect my decision to purchase these products.
I have NO intention in getting into any kind of conflict or argument about this.

So now, about my trip today!
Target has the Sobe Water on sale for 10/$10 ($1 each) and you receive a $5 GC when you purchase 10!
So I got 20!!!
Jonathan loves these and with the weather already in the 90s I will probably be going back to stock up on these for summer! :)
And they now have some with coconut water!!!
Since coconut water is my new addiction I just had to get some for myself! :)

Here is how I did it:

20 Sobe Water
Minus $9.80 GC from Nivea deal yesterday.
Total: $10.20
Received: $10 Gift Card!!
Makes them $.01 each!!! :)

Also Pictured are 3 Merona Ladies blouses.
These are originally $9!
On sale for $6
Minus a $3/1 Target Q

Made them $3 each!!!!
They fit kind of strange but I like them!
They will be great for vacation at the end of the month!! :)

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