Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Back! My 1st Trip in a MONTH! CVS & Walgreens!

Ever since returning from vacation a MONTH ago I have been on a couponing hiatus. I just had no desire to coupon (gasp, I know. It was a horrid feeling).
But since my plans for today fell through I decided to suck it up and coupon anyway, and I am so glad I did!

I planned a short trip to CVS and decided to stop by Walgreens to check out their clearance aisle!
I found some LA Looks hair product on clearance from $3.99 to $1.09. I was so excited, especially since there is a $1/1 Q out in Coupon Land I was going to be able to get them for only $.09 each!
My bubble was quickly burst when I realized the insert that the Q was in came from 5/06 and that was the one week I decided not to order my Qs but instead just get some local papers. BAD IDEA, the $1/1 Q wasn't in the inserts that came in our local paper. :( but I had already decided that $1.09 was still a great price!
So enough of my complaining and more explaining. ;)


Transaction 1:
Venus & Olay Razor: $10.99
Sale: $9.99
Minus $4/1 Q
Minus $3.79 left on GC

Total: $3.07
Received: $4 ECB!

Transaction 2:
12 Bayer Advanced: $4.49= $53.88
Sale: $3= $36
Minus 12 $3/1 Q

Total: FREE

Okay, I was SO excited about this Bayer Advanced deal! These are my crack! Seriously. They fix everything from my headache to my backache. Best. Pain medicine. Ever. :)
so of course I had to get 12 of them and use all my Qs!
They definitely won't go to waste!

Total CVS worth: $64.87
Total CVS spent: $3.07
With $4 ECBs back!

3 LA Looks Hair Product: $3.99= $11.97
Clearance: : $1.09
Total: $3.27.

Still super bummed I didn't have the $1/1 Q, but I still got 3 of them for less than the price of 1. :)

Total Worth: $76.84
Total Spent: $6.34
And I have $4 ECBs to use at CVS next time!

Oh it feels good to be back! Love the feeling of saving! :)

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