Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 5 of No Shampoo!

Today has been crazy with a Capitol K!
When I woke up this morning I never thought I would be spending 3 1/2 hours in the pet ER with my mini dachshund!
I have been a wreck all day!
Molly woke up not being able to move her back legs much. I was terrified and was convinced she was dying.
Good news (sort of) is that our dear sweet Molly has a slipped disc that can heal itself as long as she stays in a crate 24/7 and takes her meds!
Of course they wanted us to leave her in the hospital, but I was confident that Jonathan and I could take care of her in the comfort of our apartment!
And I am so glad I didn't let the Dr bully me into leaving her there. Our chihuahua Sissy is so worried and checks on Molly constantly, it's sweet and I know Molly enjoys the visit.

Now, onto the real reason you all stopped by, day 5 update!!!

I "washed" my hair with conditioner again tonight, and it is doing really well. Still more oily than "normal" but way better than day 2 or 3.
BUT! We shall see how it does once I only do a hot water wash. That is the real test.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out!
Good news is, I can always sprinkle some coco powder on my hair and be good to go! :)

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