Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 2 of going "no-poo" Update!

I've decided to document my no-poo journey (especially my transition period) for both you, and me!
Some days will just be sort of a check-in, but I think it will help others who want to go no-poo!

Let me just say, today definitely began my transition period!!!!
Today was the first day that I used only warm water to "wash" my hair.
As you may be able to see in the picture above or below (both taken once my hair air dried after my shower), my hair is a bit oily now.
This is because my scalp is used to producing the natural oils that shampoo normally strips from my head. Once my scalp gets used to being treated nice (not using the dreaded shampoo) it will know that it doesn't need to produce that much natural oil and my hair will no longer look like I took a shower in olive oil!

I'm hoping that since I have been using sulfate/silicone/paraben free shampoo that this transition process won't be as brutal, but we shall see!

Tomorrow I will use conditioner again, and hopefully my hair will respond well! :)

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