Friday, August 31, 2012

My First Dollar Tree Trip Using Coupons!

I made my first couponing trip today to Dollar Tree!
It's a rather small trip but still exciting!

My cashier had never entered coupons so she had to learn, I had plenty of time and I was the only person on the store so I didn't mind the wait.
The manager asked why I was doing separate transactions. I explained that since I had almost all printable Qs I could only use 2 per transaction. The manager was sooo happy that I knew the policy that she called me the "honest shopper". It was nice to use coupons and be praised for knowing a stores policy for once. :)

My trip (broken into 3 transactions)

Colgate 4 oz
Minus $.75/1 Q

Olay Body Bar
Minus $1/1 Q

2 Efferent Denture cleaners
Minus (2) $1/1 Q

2 Garnier Product
Minus (2) $1/1 Q

4 Luden's Cough Drop
Minus (2) $1/2 Q
$.50 each: $2

Total Worth at DT: $10
Total Spent: $2.25

I am going back tomorrow for some more! Love this! :)

Since we are still "evacuated" and I didn't bring my coupons I only have printable coupons to use, so I'm definitely satisfied with my trip! :)

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