Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FREE Lay's Potato Chips!

Today before we brought my great niece Camille home I caught wind of an AMAZING Lay's coupon.
So of course I printed 3 of them! :)

I had originally printed them to use with the BOGO Free sale at Walgreens.

That deal would have looked like this:
2 Lay's Chips: $4.29 each
Sale: BOGO Free
Minus $3/2 Q

$1.29 for 2 bags of chips

Such a great deal but when we stopped by the Wags in Zachary they only had one bag left so we went to Walmart.
I had originally planned to price match to Wags, but when I got to Walmart I saw that they had Lay's for only $2.68 each and along with the $3/2 Q that I printed I also printed the $3/1 Q!
That made for FREE plus overage!

3 Lay's Chips: $2.68 each: $8.04
Minus (3) $3/1 Q ($9)
FREE plus $.96 overage!!

Total Worth: $8.04
Total Spent: Nothing plus $.96 back!

I really wish I would have printed more before I left (since I have access to 3 computers). I tried to print some more when I got back to my parents house but they were all gone. :(

Oh well. I'm still very satisfied with my 3 FREE bags of chips! (they are the big bags. Not small ones)

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