Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Trip to Albertson's!

I can't believe I missed this great deal on Silk Almond Milk when I went to Albertson's on Thursday! So good thing I went to Baton Rouge today to meet a friend for lunch!

Since I was going back I just couldn't pass up getting some more cereal since they have such a great deal on it! And for all of you who are doing the math yes, I now have 8 boxes of cereal! I said it really is a great deal AND they don't expire until NEXT August! And I love eating them as snacks! :)

So here is what I got:

Cheerios: $4.39
Sale: $1.88 wyb 4
Minus $.60/1 Q


Apple Cinnamon Chex: $3.79
Sale: $1.28 wyb 4
Minus $.60/1 Q


2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch: $3.49 each: $6.98
sale: $1.88 wyb 4
Minus (2) $.60/1 Q

$1.28 each: $2.56

2 Silk Almond Milk: $3.49 each: $6.98
Sale: $1.99 w/ in-store Q
Minus (2) $1/1 Q

$.99 each: $1.98

Total Worth: $22.14
Total Spent: $7.10

I wish I had more coupons for the Silk! I would have totally stocked up on those too! But I'm still satisfied with my trip! :)

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