Friday, March 15, 2013

The All Natural Me!

Ever since Jonathan and I stopped eating processed foods we have both felt so much better. We have more energy, we are happier, and feel healthy! Not only has our health improved on the I side, but also the outside (better hair, nails, skin).
The removal of toxic chemicals from our diet made me think about all the horrible chemicals that are still getting into my body through my skin and all the chemical laden beauty products I use! YUCK!

This led me to begin my all natural journey.

I am not making the all natural switch to "avoid cancer" even though the chemicals I am avoiding are directly linked to cancer, I am making the switch to feel the best I can in my skin. If I treat my body well, I will be healthier and happier, this I have already learned from our diet change!

For me, it has been a slow and gradual change for several reasons. One, it can be expensive to swap everything out at once. Secondly, I still had a lot of stuff in my stockpile from when I couponed ALL THE TIME. And I wasn't going to let it all go to waste!
So I had to decide which products were most important to ME to switch out first. My first priority was to switch to an all natural lotion and deodorant, since they are both products that I leave on my skin and allow to soak into my pores and get inside my body. Then, I slowly began switching out my other products.
I am not 100% all natural yet, but I am getting there!


It means different things to different people.
To me, it means NO SCARY CHEMICALS.
I actively avoid the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, fragrance, formaldehyde, toluene, and a couple of other known toxins and chemicals linked to cancer.
I also look for companies who are cruelty-free and eco -friendly. It’s great to use products that are natural and organic, but not if animals or the planet have to suffer to get there.

In the near future I hope to be using nothing but all natural products!
Here are some of the ones that I am already using, and LOVE!

I am using Everyone Lotion, it is a great value as well as a great lotion! $9.99 for 32 oz! It can be used for face, body, and hands!

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you have likely heard of my new favorite shampoo/conditioner. Bröö. It's a beer based shampoo that is vegan, cruelty free, and absolutely amazing! Since I have started using it I no longer need any kind of extra product for my hair!

Making the switch to a natural deodorant has definitely been the toughest challenge for me. Since natural deodorants are not antiperspirants, they do not help prevent you from sweating, they just mask the smell. I am definitely still getting used to it, but I know that by eliminating the toxic chemicals that are in antiperspirants I am doing my body good, so it is worth it and I will continue to get used to it.
I am currently using Earth Science, but plan on trying out a few brands before I settle on one.

Tinted Moisturizer
I have just learned of a neat organic make up line that is available at DRUG STORES!! It is Organic Wear by Physicians Formula. I was so excited to see that I could find all natural makeup for a reasonable price!
I just bought some of their tinted moisturizer today but so far, I like it! I was never into tinted moisturizers, but it really helps to even out my skin tone when I use my loose powder!

I am a bareMinerals girl! Ever since I got their starter kit on Martha's Vineyard 4 years ago I have loved it! And I still do! I use the original powder foundation.

Blush/Eye Shadow
I use bareMinerals blush and eye shadow too!

Mascara/Eye Liner
Organic Wear makes a great mascara and eye liner that I bought today as well and I am loving the mascara!

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