Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Trip to Hollygrove Market

Jonathan and I are really enjoying "eating clean" but all the fresh produce (preferably without pesticides) can get quite pricy.
Last week I checked out the Farmers market in Destrehan, which wasn't too bad, but I still paid more than I thought I should for produce.

In comes Hollygrove Market to the rescue! Check out their website HERE!
I am in love with this place already!
Every week they have a produce "box" available for $25!!!
The box usually includes about a dozen different produce items for you to get!
It's a great way to try different veggies, and if you aren't sure how to cook something they post recipes online that coincide with that weeks "box"!

(I am using quotations around the word box because you don't actually get a box, but use bags you bring from home to put the produce in.)

Every week they post online what is included in the "box" so if you know what you will be getting before you go!

Another thing I love about Hollygrove is that it is inside so no matter what the weather is like, you can always get your "box"!
When you walk in they have all the produce for the "box" in bins against the wall and they tell you how many of each item you get. So you are able to pick out the produce you bring home. It's so cool and wonderful!

They also have other items there such as local meat and other produce that yu can buy a la carte.

Now to what we came home with:

5 sweet potatoes
1 bag Kumquats
1 bag mushrooms
1 Ruby red grapefruit
2 LA Sweets
3 blood oranges
1 bunch turnips
1 bunch kale
4 yellow tomatoes
1 bunch mizuna (Japanese mustard greens)
1 bunch savory cabbage
1 pint strawberries

That's a lot of produce for only $25!!!
And the best part is that it's ALL LOCAL! I love supporting local farmers!

Several of the items were "U-Pick" meaning you could get LA sweets OR Tangelos. So that's neat too that you have some options.

The only thing that I was I little disappointed about was that online they listed beets or rutabagas as an item, but they didn't receive any so I wasn't able to get any. That isn't their fault, but I was excited about trying beets for the first time.

We will definitely be going back, and I recommend it to EVERYONE who eats fruits and veggies!
I like it better than a traditional farmers market and feel that I got a better value! :)

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