Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dwight Schrute Would Be So Proud: Today's Trip to the Hollygrove Market!

Before I begin....
I want to semi-apologize (I say semi-apologize since the title of this blog leads one to believe it is about couponing) for turning my blog from a couponing blog to a healthy lifestyle blog. I haven't been couponing as much since we have MORE than enough household and beauty items to last us about a year, and the coupons for food items are for items that are FULL of preservatives and are highly processed. Because of this, I have not felt the need to spend time or energy to coupon (even though it is super fun). Since I am not couponing, obviously I am not blogging about couponing, but since we have had this lifestyle change I thought I would share about that instead! :)

Now for the real reason for this post:

We made our weekly trip to the Hollygrove Market today and I am just as excited as I was last week about trying new veggies!

I am so loving this place! The staff are super friendly and I just love the idea of buying fresh local produce!

The $25 box this week included:

1 pint strawberries
1/2 dozen free range eggs (or you could have chosen 1 lb raw sugar)
Beets (makes me think of Dwight Schrute)
Radishes (we weren't too sure about the radishes so we got 2 bunches of beets instead)
2 Leeks (or 1 bunch carrots)
Brussel Sprouts (or Swiss chard)
5 sweet potatoes (pretty much my new favorite food)
1 ruby red grapefruit
1 Bunch Creole Red Onions

We also bought a bunch of collards for $2 to make sure that we have enough greens for our green smoothies! So now we have kale, collards, and beet greens for our smoothies, we should definitely have plenty!

I have never had beets before but are looking forward to trying them.
Any suggestions on recipes would be appreciated! :)

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