Sunday, April 21, 2013

Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade: Hello Homemade

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One of my favorite summertime drinks is the passion tea lemonade (unsweetened) from Starbucks. I could drink a Trenta size everyday, but that get expensive!
So I was incredibly excited when I found THIS copycat recipe!
I decided that I just HAD to try it!
I am so glad I did! It is delicious, and bound to save me lots of money this summer!!

All you need is:
Passion Tea
sweetener of your choice (I used stevia)

To make the tea concentrate:
brew 2 tea bags for every 1 cup (8 oz) water.
The box of tea comes with 20 tea bags, so I decided to just brew them all, so I boiled 10 cups of water and steeped the 20 bags for 20ish minutes (to make sure it was extra strong, since I could always dilute it later)
After I brewed the tea I went ahead and added my stevia to it, so I wouldn't have to worry about sweetening each glass individually. (You can choose to skip this step and just sweeten each glass as you make it)
Then I just stored the passion tea concentrate in the fridge until I am ready to make a glass of passion tea lemonade.

To make the passion tea lemonade:
the original recipe called for lots of ice, then 2 parts passion tea concentrate to 1 part lemonade.
Since I made my concentrate strong, I ended up doing equal parts tea concentrate to lemonade.

I used the Minute Maid Light lemonade that is only 15 calories per cup, making this delightful summer drink only 15 calories/cup!!!! (Plus sugar, if you choose to use it)

The cost for me to make 80 oz of tea concentrate and have 56 oz of lemonade to mix cost me a total of $5!
$3 for the box of tea and $2 for the lemonade. That will make about 17 cups of this delicious drink!

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