Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Day Chasing Shampoo

Happy New Year!!!!

I spent my morning scoping out every nearby CVS and checking their hair care clearance.
The P&G that was in the papers on Sunday have several coupons that make shampoo only CENTS at CVS.

Since I only had one P&G (until mine come in the mail, hopefully tomorrow) I didn't get too much today, but rest assured that I definitely intend to pick up some more hair care! Even if my coupons don't come in tomorrow I have some printable coupons that I can use!

Here is what I got, at 3 different stores:

Herbal Essences: $4.49
Clearance: $1.12
Minus $1/1 Q

Total: $.12

2 L'Oreal Stylers: $6.99 each: $13.98
Clearance: $1.74 each: $3.48
Minus $3/2 Q
Minus $.50 ECB

Total: FREE

4 Dove Shampoo: $4.99 each: $19.96
Clearance: $1.24 each: $4.96
Minus (2) $2/2 Q

Total: $.96

Total Worth: $38.43
Total Spent: $1.08

I am super excited about the L'Oreal stylers because they are alcohol free, meaning they won't dry out hair! I got those with the printable Qs so I have 3 more of them that I definitely plan on using!

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