Sunday, October 28, 2012

FREE Shampoo at CVS!

Jonathan and I both woke up this morning feeling terrible, I still don't feel well but I felt we'll enough to make a quick trip to CVS!
I didn't plan on getting out today at all but when I saw this awesome deal I just couldn't resist eying this deal!

This week they have a P&G deal, when you spend $30 you receive $10 ECBs.
The herbal essence and Aussie shampoo/conditioner are on sale for $2.99 each!
If you have your smart source from 9/16 there is a BOGO FREE coupon for herbal essence that is auto deducting $6.99 when scanned. So when you get 2 bottles of shampoo for $5.98 and use a BOGO Q you will technically be making $1.01. So check out the deal I did to get 10 bottles of shampoo for FREE and receive $10 ECBs!

Now I need to find something to do with all this shampooing just got FOR FREE!

9 Herbal Essences: $4.49 each: $40.41
1 Aussie Shampoo: $4.49
Sale: $2.99 each: $29.90
Minus (4) BOGO FREE HE (auto deducted -$27.96)
Minus $1/1 Aussie Q

2 Candies: $1.19 each: $2.38
Sale: BOGO $.25
2 for $1.44

Minus: $1.50 CVSQ

Total before: $47.28
Total after: $.88 (for the candy)
received: $10 ECB

And I will receive another $5 ECB from the beauty club!

So I will end up getting paid $14.12 for all of this! :)

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