Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Planner

As I was browsing Pinterest I saw a pin for a DIY Planner, so of course I had to check it out.
The original blog I referenced can be seen here.
I immediately loved the idea of a personalized planner that has everything I need in a planner, and nothing more.
As I set out to make my own, I found a plethora of templates online, but none of them were exactly what I needed (The author of this blog includes a cleaning schedule and a detailed prayer journal in her DIY planner and her weekly calendars are broken down by the hour, which is more detail than I need in a planner right now), so I started up Pages, and began creating my own.
It definitely took some time, but I love the outcome and it was so worth it!

At the start of every month I have a monthly calendar so I am able to look at the month as a whole, not just week-by-week.

I also added a prayer journal page at the beginning of each month.
My hope is that this will help me be more intentional in my prayer life. And so when I tell someone that I will be praying for them, it won't slip my mind.
I am super excited about this part of my planner!!!

Instead of typing in the dates for each week and having to print them out at home, I left them blank so I could print it off at Office Depot, for way cheaper!
Then I went in and wrote in the date for each day.
I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it really wasn't. And I was able to use fun color pens to fill in the dates!

I also added a space at the bottom of each day to put what we have planned for dinner. Since we schedule meals 2 weeks at a time, sometimes I forget what we have planned! Also, it allows me to see how long it's been since we have eaten a certain meal.

All in all my weekly calendar is pretty simplistic, but it works for me, and gives me plenty of room to doodle! ;)

On the last page of each month I also added a "notes" section for anything I may need to write down to remember.

For the cover I picked out a fun piece of scrapbook paper from Michael's and cut it to fit the rest of the pages.
The binding was only $2.90 at Office Depot and the entire planner cost me $15.
I realize that I could buy a planner at the store for $10 or so, but being able to have one that is customized to fit my exact needs is well worth the extra $5!

Enjoy! And let me know if you decide to make your own planner! ;)

Also, I have the file with the pages that I used for my planner if anyone is interested!

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