Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm back! And so is the End of the Year Hair Care Clearance at CVS!

I am SO excited! I have been waiting for this ALL YEAR!
CVS is having their end of the year hair care CLEARANCE!!!!
They have tons of hair care up to 75% off!
I took advantage of this sale last year, and I have only just begun to take advantage of it this year!!!

Also, I found out that my CVS takes EXPIRED ECBs!!! This made me super excited! Especially since I had $5 ECBs in my purse that expired at the beginning of the month!

I went to CVS today, but didn't get much because the big money Qs that will make this sale even sweeter will be in this weeks paper!

But here is what I got:

3 Herbal Essences: $4.49 each: $13.47
CLEARANCE: $1.12 each
Minus $1/2 Q

Tresemee Split End Cream: $5.49
Clearance: $2.74

5 Clairol Hair Dye: $8.99 each: $44.95
Clearance: $2.24 each
Minus (5) $2/1 Q

Minus $5 ECB

Total Before: $63.91
Total After: $1.30

That's about $.14 per item! Whoo hoo!!

Below is a picture of all the shampoo I scored last year during this sale, all for under $5!
I hope to get as good of a deal this year too! :)

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